Bike Fitting: The Perfect Fit

Getting the correct fit on your bike is very important. Making sure your position on the bike is correct will improve comfort, raise performance and efficiency, and eliminate aches and pains. You can gain more from good positioning than you can from other typical aerodynamic improvements such as frame and wheels.

There are many aspects to bike fitting and it takes experience to be able to get the most from the rider and their bike. Our experienced fitters will go through your riding preferences, experience and take the time to ensure that the bike is fitted perfectly for you.

All of our road bikes will come with a full bike fit included within the standard price. When you collect your bike from us, we'll set you up on the bike and make sure you are positioned comfortably ready for your first ride.

If you already have a bike, we will be happy to carry out the bike fitting service all the same. There is a charge for this service and potentially there are some aspects of the bike that may need to be replaced, such as stems or seat posts, to obtain the best fit.

Please contact us for current bike fitting costs, these can differ depending on the time it takes to do the fit. It can be as simple as adjusting saddle height or changing stems and seat posts, making tweaks along the way.

For more information please Contact Us.

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