Whether you use your bike for recreation, commuting or competing, ensuring that it is well-maintained is vital to enjoying your cycling.

As a Shimano Service Centre, we are trusted by the largest bicycle parts manufacturer in the world to provide the very highest quality of cycle repair. You never have to worry about reliability or safety.

Alongside our specialist knowledge of all things Shimano, our workshop is also fully accredited to service all parts of Brompton bicycles, including the Brompton Electric. We can service most major brands of e-bike motor systems, including Bosch, Yamaha, Fazua, E-Motion and others.

When you book your bike in with us, our mechanics will complete a full assessment of your bike and give recommendations to the level of servicing and parts required, with a no-obligation quote.

We offer 6 different levels of service:

LEvel 1 £50*

  • Brakes:
    • Adjust pad position, cable tension, brake balance; 
    • Check for wear and replace pads if appropriate; 
    • Check brake lever function; 
    • Check brake surface wear on rims for rim brakes; 
    • Reset pistons and calliper alignment for disc brakes.
  • Gears:
    • Check derailleur position, check gear hanger alignment;
    • Index gears, ensuring gear shift is smooth and accurate;
    • Check shift levers function; 
    • Lubricate chain and pivots of derailleurs.
  • Tyres & Tubes:
    • Check for wear, and inflated to correct pressure.
  • Handlebars and stem: 
    • Aligned correctly, controls are securely in place;
  • Safety check:
    • Full inspection of the bike making sure all bolts are tightened correctly;
    • Frame is in good condition and alignment OK;
    • Bike meets British safety standard for use on the road.

level 2 £85*

Everything in the Level 1 service, plus;

  • Headset:
    • Inspected for wear, adjusted to move freely without play
  • Bottom bracket:
    • Inspected for wear; bearings adjusted to run freely, crank pre-load adjusted if necessary
  • Tyres & Tubes:
    • Replaced if appropriate;
  • Wheels:
    • Rims checked for wear, true and dish;
    • Hub bearings inspected and adjusted to run freely without play;
    • Wheels trued to higher than British standard for run-out in lateral and vertical true;
  • Cables:
    • Replaced if appropriate;

level 3 £130*

Everything in the Level 1 and 2 service, plus;

  • Gears:
    • Replacement of chain, cassette, chairing’s, inner and outer cables if appropriate;
    • Replacement and setup of new derailleurs if appropriate.
  • Headset:
    •  Bearings and cups checked for wear and replace if appropriate;
    • Re-grease and tighten to spec;
    • Check steering moves freely without play.
  • Bottom Bracket:
    • Bearings and cups checked for wear and replaced if appropriate;
    • Threaded bottom brackets checked for thread condition and chased if appropriate;
    • Re-grease and tighten to spec;
    • Check cranks move freely without play.
  • Wheels:
    • Rims checked for wear, true and dish;
    • Up to 3 spokes replaced per wheel if appropriate, more than 3 will result in the need to replace or rebuild the wheel (charged separately);
    • Wheel dished to ensure it is running centrally in frame;
    • Hub bearings checked for wear, replaced if appropriate and re-greased;
    • Freehub body checked for wear and replaced if appropriate.
  • General
    • Removal and re-fitting of any components to be sent away to be serviced.

level 4 £250*

Everything in Level 1, 2 and 3 services, plus;

  • Frame:
    • Bike stripped down to bare frame and forks;
    • Frame and forks thoroughly cleaned and polished;
    • Bottom bracket and headset interfaces inspected and cleaned; external surfaces faced if appropriate.
  • Components:
    • All components thoroughly cleaned, in Smartwasher if appropriate;
    • All components re-lubricated, re-fitted and adjusted;
    • Clutch derailleurs re-greased and clutch adjusted as necessary.
  • Pedals:
    • Re-greased and adjusted if applicable.
    • Bearings changed if necessary.
  • Wheels:
    • Wheels thoroughly cleaned;
    • Hub internals stripped out and cleaned, replaced if appropriate and re-greased;

level 2 electric £100*

Everything in the Level 1 and 2 services plus:

  • Electrics:
    • Update firmware to latest version;
    • Diagnostic report of bike and service history.

level 3 electric £160*

Everything in the Level 1, 2 and 3 services plus:

  • Electrics:
    • Update firmware to latest version;
    • Diagnostic report of bike and service history;
  • Motor:
    • Remove motor external casing;
    • Inspect cables and clean;
  • Battery:
    • Check and clean connectors where appropriate;
    • Adjust fitting mechanism where appropriate to ensure smooth battery operation.

* Please note that the service charges do not include the cost of replacement parts.

The following can be added on to any of the services:

  • Hydraulic brake bleeding +£25 per brake
  • Electronic Shifting Update +£25
  • Bike Clean (Except Level 4) +£15
  • Drivetrain Clean (Except Level 4) +£25
  • Full- Suspension Bearing Replacement +£75

Every bike should be serviced at least once a year. Depending on what sort of riding you do, you might need to have it checked more often than that. Here's what we would recommend for different types of bike:

  • Commuter bike used every day: Serviced every 6 months, particularly before/after winter.
  • Road bikes: Service every 12 months.
  • Mountain bikes used for light trail and XC: Service every 12 months.
  • Full suspension mountain bikes used for all-mountain or downhill riding: Serviced every 6 months. Suspension serviced every 12 months.
  • Electric bikes: Service every 12 months.

On top of our general servicing, we also offer a fixed-price list of individual jobs depending on your needs. Rather than spending 100's on the tools required for pressing in a new headset or bottom bracket, we can take care of it for you! We can and have tackled some quite esoteric jobs, so if there's something specific you need doing that you don't see here please get in touch.

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