Eclat Tech Bolt Barends (Plugs) Black

Eclat Tech Bolt Barends (Plugs) Black

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Part Number: ECBE01
GTIN/UPC: 4055822066037


Eclat Tech Bolt Barends (Plugs) Black

Barends save lives, that?s a fact.

Our Tech Bolt Barends are made of a specifically developed, super durable material which can take the impacts and damage that your bike gets put through on a daily bases. Kept securely in place by a x4 wedge system and a 4mm hex bolt, simple bolt these guys on and never worry about getting kebabbed by your bike again?

Material - proprietary polypropylen compound


  • Expanding wedge cluster barend with 4mm hexbolt

  • super tough material

  • ?over the bar?-design for longer life

Weightmore than you?d like, less than you?d think.



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